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Theatrical General Manager & Producer

About Me

Hello! I’m Amanda and I love theatre, especially thought-provoking new plays. 

I was living in New York City for the past 3 years and my most recent job was as an Associate General Manager/Producer at Tom Smedes Productions. At the same time, I freelance general managed/produced seven shows off-Broadway, off-off Broadway and at a Fringe festival. 

Previously, I worked at Richards/Climan, Inc. and helped manage the Broadway and touring productions of The Visit, It’s Only a Play, Cinderella, Cabaret, China Doll, Dames at Sea, Fiddler on the Roof, and more. Prior to RCI, I worked at ICM Partners as a Theater Literary Assistant and at The Eugene O’Neill Theater Center as a General Management Associate, working with emerging and established writers, directors, and designers.

I left New York in October 2016 to spend time living in Australia with my Australian partner. 

I grew up in Madison, WI and still love cheese as much as all good Wisconsinites. I am also very passionate about guacamole, Zumba, ice cream, and exploring cities.

I’m always looking for new and exciting projects so please contact me below if you’re looking for a general manager/producer.

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“Under Kel Haney’s tactical direction, Crude challenges audiences to consider what is worth fighting for. This dark comedy boldly makes a statement about the struggle of staying true to one’s identity and values – and how failing to do so can be the reason one’s life goes up in flames.”


Black Lab Theatre

“Coping will emotionally devastate you in all the best ways. It takes a rare production to reach deep into your chest and punch you repeatedly in your emotions, lift you up with laughter, then proceed to smack you around some more. With a beautifully crafted script, poignant direction, fully embodied acting, and and really smart design, Green Spark has brought together something truly gut rending… this is a show not to be missed.”

           – DC Theatre Scene

Green Spark Productions/Capital Fringe

“Astonishing…Analysis misserves the free-wheeling originality of this incipient (maybe) love story.”



Lesser America


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