Hi, I'm Amanda

I like to...
explore new technologies

About me

I love to build things.

I started my career as a theatre producer/general manager focusing on the business side of creating theatre productions. After a few years in NYC, I moved to Melbourne, Australia and worked at a 4-person software company, Emvisage. During my two years there, I managed projects from start to finish including gathering requirements, software configuration, running sprints, and working directly with the CTO and CEO to manage day-to-day operations.

I fell in love with the process of learning new technologies and the thrill of debugging, and I found creating new software instances to be even more satisfying than creating theatre. After teaching myself more about JavaScript, I decided to make the leap and attend Fullstack bootcamp.

I am now obsessed with the world of coding and learning new technologies every day.

You can see some of my work here and my resume here



A real-time mobile bill splitting app. Built using React Native and Cloud Firestore.
Splice Logo
Mobile App
Build a Date
Allows users to build a date using multiple APIs and Neo4j graph database provides recommended dates based on user preferences.
Neo4j logo
Web App
E-Commerce App
An e-commerce web app built in a week by a team of 3. Uses React, Redux, Express, Node, Sequelize, PostgreSQL.
Wacky product
Web App